Monday, 10 February 2014

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Travel Sketchbook

This is a collection of my Travel Sketchbook!

This was the very beginning of my journey and so I thought I'd sketch some people while waiting in Dubai for my flight to Bangkok. I felt pretty wired from too much sleep and so this was a good distraction.

This was from my first week in Bangkok and experiencing the WORST thunder and Lighting I have ever seen while in a tuck-tuck getting soaked. (loads of fun!) the anatomy sketches where just to keep up old habits.

This was a compilation page of characters, I wanted to work with different styles and details and see how they would look next to each other. I love using ink pens that are like brushes so that I can cover the page completely in black if I want to. This was a lot of fun to do.

 I watched 'The Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug' three times while travelling (not by choice) and had to draw something about it.

 This was a great Gallery in Bangkok that hardly anyone seemed to know about but this is by far the best gallery I went to in Bangkok and had what looked like local artists work (very graphic novel, manga style used in a lot of the images which of course I loved but may not be everyones cup of tea).

 This was a period of 3-5 days wasted while in Vietnam trying to contact my bank about my card as it had stopped letting me take money out. Thanks Halifax, your customer service is beyond awful!

 This was just a collection of creepy images I did in the theme of Halloween. 

 Oh the joyous times I had with my bank ... Halifax... I hate you. I cancelled the card as soon as I got back, it's only through the kindness of people that lent me money that I was able to continue with my travels. Some helpful advice to anyone who's thinking of travelling South East Asia... ALWAYS take a second card with you and DO NOT lose your wallet the day after your birthday, cancel all your cards in a very hungover and drawn out call to your banks ... and then find your wallet under your bed 2 hours later!! ... This uhhh happened to a freind of mine :|

 I saw this poster in a bar while waiting for a train that was delayed by 7 hours!! in Thailand (everything works on Thai time). As we had lots of time on our hands I decided to sketch the image and then ink it in later. 

This was a design combining the fact that I love tattoos and being near to the sea.

 I was in Coromandel (New Zealand) for 3 days and it didn't stop raining the entire time! I didn't actually get to see any of the amazing sites that it's known for although I did get to meet a lot of Germans and had loads of time to do some sketches while watching movies in a nice dry hostel! The fella in the image bottom image was just a picture hanging on a wall in a cafe and as I was waiting for the rain to stop I decided to draw his EPIC moustached face! and I added some Maori tattoos as I was in New Zealand after all.

 This is more of a brain fart than anything. But I like his smile.
 Taupo (New Zealand) has so many great graffiti pieces that I had to sketch a few, this one was my favourite although I didn't have time to finish it off.

This was a sketch I did before and after the Tongariro crossing in Taupo. It wasn't easy but I'm so glad I did it!

These were a few that I did after seeing a very simple piece of work in a local Gallery in Napier (New Zealand. I decided to try and put a Maori twist into it and create a face with the patterns. The face is on the page to the right but you have to crane your neck sideways if you want to kind of see anything resembling a face.

These are all character designs for a book I was reading by Robert Jordan called the 'The Wheel of time: Eye of the World'. I highly recommend it! I only have another 13 books to go!

 This was a very cool design I saw in a skateboarding Magazine, not sure of the artists name...